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Are you looking for an incredible vacation spot with plenty of attractions? Look no further than Eureka Springs, Arkansas!

This gorgeous city is full of fun things to do and see that will keep you entertained throughout your stay. Explore the stunning landscape, get lost in the unique shops, and take in the charming atmosphere – you won’t want to leave!

Fun For All

Eureka Springs, Arkansas is a city full of fun attractions for the entire family. From wildlife sanctuaries to caves, there is something for everyone in Eureka Springs.

One of the main attractions to visit when in Eureka Springs is Turpentine Creek. Here, guests can observe majestic tigers and bears in a natural setting, getting close enough to see amazing features that few people get the chance to experience. Guests are educated on how these amazing creatures live and how they interact with their environment while learning more about wildlife conservation efforts in Arkansas.

For those who want a little more adventure and exploration, Eureka Springs has numerous caves and underground systems to explore. Many of these provide guided tours that allow guests to see native wildlife while learning more about the geological history of this area during the process.

No matter who you bring along or what activities you prefer, there are plenty of attractions in Eureka Springs all capable creating lasting memories and plenty of options for fun for all visitors!

Above Ground or Underground

Those visiting Eureka Springs, Arkansas, have the unique opportunity to explore some of the area’s many attractions above ground or below it. Above ground, the city offers countless opportunities for sightseeing and relaxation.

Underground, however, lies a world of hidden gems that are sure to excite any traveler looking for a bit of adventure. Take a guided underground tour through Eureka’s underground to experience a subterranean stroll unlike anything else in the country. Or go on a paranormal investigation at an historic hotel for an eerie journey filled with rumored ghosts!

No matter which route you choose to take when discovering Eureka Springs’ attractions, you can be sure that this unique pocket of Arkansas will provide an unforgettable experience!

Music & Comedy

Are you looking for a unique attraction in Eureka Springs? Look no further than the city’s outstanding music and comedy venues that host some of the best in country, bluegrass, rock, and jazz music. From live bands to family-friendly shows featuring magic and illusion, there is always something to enjoy in Eureka Springs.

Cosmic Cavern

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