It was a great Eureka night ….warm temps, slight breeze and a whole lotta Eureka spirit. Locals came to support each other and to voice their dissatisfaction for the City Advertising Promotion Commission and called for Chair to resign…he received a “no confidence” vote from the other Commissioners. Now, they toss it to Council and Mayor to (hopefully) be voted off the paradise island known as Eureka.

But the real winners were Blaze Duvall and the other Queens who were rudely cut and edited out of the fabulous video that Jeremy Mcgraw and Edward Robison created for the CAPC advertising. The video will now be shown in its entirety….with all the feathered, sequined, crocheted, and shiny glory! And Jeremy and Edward and White Phoenix Films will get paid.

The CAPC hasn’t released the unedited version yet… but in the meantime, enjoy local sensation Fossils of Ancient Robots: