It’s the first time I’ve ever felt like I didn’t belong in eureka.

I have walked the streets every weekend for 4 years welcoming our tourists giving directions to local shops and eateries letting everyone who came to eureka know they found home. To see that those individuals of power would rather erase me from their memory and the view of our future tourists is sad. I have heard it many times that eureka is safe haven for those in the LGBTQ+ community but would the CAPC prefer they didn’t come? That the safety of our community be questioned? Why change the loving community of eureka with hateful underhanded backlash? Is this what we support?

Edit – June 27- 2024 – The crowd went wild to support you and the edited video will now be returned to the full unedited version.

We sure appreciate Blaze and all the Queens from Eureka Live who tirelessly walk the streets of Eureka welcoming visitors, giving info to tourists, and creating lots of smiles and love. They are doing a better job of promotion for the town and spreading goodwill than the CAPC. Their dedication to Eureka is what makes it “A place to come play, no matter your passion.”

Photos Used By Permission from Blaze Duvall