Listing your business is easy and affordable. Positive Idea has always been a leader in online advertising, being the first Internet Presence provider in Eureka Springs starting in 1995. It seems like this is a good time to crank it back up.

Our goal has always been simple. Provide a site that gives the guest information on Eureka in a format that is easy for guest to use, with information that is not limited to being a member or collecting a tax.

We’re not funded by anyone except you…the backbone of Eureka’s economy…our individual businesses

And we’ve always given back to the community. A portion of all of our sales goes to help support:

The Flint Street Food Bank

The Good Shepherd Humane Society


Lodging, Dining, Attraction, Shopping, Wedding – Name, Up to 400 word description, address, phone, email, website, and 12 photos, guest reviews, map with directions, and a video if you have it.

Google says the average price of a cup of coffee in the USA is 2.10…. we’re going for a lot less than that per day.

One Price – 450.00 per year (and 50 bucks will be split between The Good Shepherd and Flint Street)

Feature Listing – Show on FRONT PAGE – And on Top of Category Page – Link to Listing in Blog articles in relevant categories. – 1200.00 per year, includes the above listing too. (200.00 will be split between The Good Shepherd and Flint Street)

Sample Listing

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