Locally, we have some incredible talent..Edward R and Jeremy M are the fabulous, innovative, creative duo that did the latest video that promotes Eureka in a tremendous, enticing culinary fashion featuring local eateries and the local population in all their colorful glory. A well loved local Band played to a joyous, dancing crowd. Eureka loves a party!

Enter the City Advertising Promotion Commission…further called the CAPC..

The CAPC loved the video…It was shown to the public to an overwhelming ecstatic crowd…it was going to be used as a promo via the latest ad agency….until…until…the evangelical, homophobic, un-woke part of the CAPC commission thought they should “straightwash” the image and EDITED OUT a portion of Eureka that they deem “not the image they want to portray”….oh really!

Pay close attention to 10:20 in the video.

One of our locals, Ilene Powell sums up the clusterfuck known as the CAPC perfectly…Thanks Ilene!

My email to the Mayor, City Council and CAPC:

I’m writing as a concerned stakeholder in Eureka Springs as to the current situation with the CAPC’s decision to edit the Eureka Scene video. As I viewed both the original and then the edited version, I noticed the absence of a participant in the music video scene. I wasn’t sure if this person was a member of the Opera in the Ozarks, the Passion Play, Eureka Gras, or just another human/ participant in the Eureka Scene. When I found out who the person was and then read the subsequent letter to targeted stakeholders, I was extremely disappointed in this action.

Eureka Springs is known and marketed as being “All Inclusive” and “Something For Everyone”,  per the CAPC’s website. To eliminate a vital part of the viability of this community’s economy is unconscionable. To send a targeted message that you want to “avoid controversy, avoid politics, avoid cultural messaging and stick to advertising Eureka Springs Tourism” is not in keeping with the spirit and demographic of its residents. It’s bigotry! Your citizens and neighbors are people, who often at their own expense, put on the very events, fests, and activities that feed the continuing appeal and financial success of Eureka Springs. This all draws tourists and locals alike to town to spend money, which is taxed, and then funds the City and CAPC.

If your sole concern is that of a person dressed in “drag” being in a video that promotes Eureka Springs, then I ask you to look at the Opera of the Ozarks, the Passion Play, Artrageous Parade, and Eureka Gras, and then consider eliminating them from your promotion, advertising and social media. Each of these venues and events are people in costumes and often dressed in “drag”. And if you want to avoid politics, then for sure do not include the Jesus Parade in any advertising or social media. I was there when the Jesus Parade had a float decorated as an abortion with children on board, as it rolled down the parade route to the horror of underage and mature spectators alike. To say Abortion is a political issue that trumps Drag is an understatement. And per the letter to the stakeholders,  it reads you want to avoid political statements. If you want to sanitize and homogenize the image of Eureka Springs, then the fair thing to do is eliminate all of the above events, fests and venues from any further marketing.

As far as Disney, Target and Bud Light being LGBTQ+ friendly in their respective advertising campaigns (as referenced in the letter), then I must ask that you consider removing any mention of any Jeep, Car, Biker, etc. events in your marketing. Many of these manufacturers (Jeep, Ford, GM, Harley Davidson) advertise to the LGBTQ+ market and support PRIDE. So logic would follow that you are also against these car/biker events as being political.

To cherry pick how you want to portray Eureka Springs, based on “one voice” is disingenuous and discriminatory. As a government agency, I would have thought better than it to be so blatant in its prejudice. Please consider some multiculturalism education and sensitivity to diversity training. Otherwise the CAPC website is just false advertising in its claim to be a “safe and all inclusive atmosphere”.

And as heinous as that stakeholder letter is, it serves to bring attention to the necessity of including all aspects and people of our commUNITY. So thank you to the author of that letter for reminding this City of its full identity.